Save Our Sacrament - Why We Chose This Image

Why We Chose This Image


We chose the picture on this page as a symbol of a Respondent having to face the RCChurch Tribunal system- feeling alone with no guidance, in foreign waters, traveling between two (diabolical?) Mountainous forces: on one side the petitioner who assaults the integrity of the sacramental marriage and on the other side a seemingly impenetrable Tribunal System composed of Canon Law, foreign quasi-legal language, and an insecure Patriarchal mentality against all women that is based in a fear of women.


Our organization, Save Our Sacrament is the flowing water in this picture, guiding the Respondent to a destination of dignity and a validated sacrament.


SOS was founded to support Respondents with compassion, to defend and validate one’s sacramental marriage and to preserve the dignity of one’s children who are forced by the RCChurch Tribunal system to watch and endure the devastating annulment process. These children know the annulment process is totally unnecessary; the divorce has happened. But to children, annulment is experienced as something far worse... an annihilation of the very foundation of their life.


We write this in the hope that every bishop, every member of the Curia, and every person in the Vatican including beloved Pope Francis will recognize the annulment process as a Scandal to our children and then completely eliminate the entire annulment process forever.

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