Save Our Sacrament - Class Action Lawsuit

Is a Class action Lawsuit Against a Marriage Tribunal a Possibility?


SOS has been actively working with Respondents since 1997. We are researching the possibility of a civil lawsuit against tribunals and their personnel, based on violations against United States’ HIPAA laws.


SOS has documented cases where Respondents have come to us with situations where tribunals have obtained fraudulently, without the Respondent’s permission, psychological records. Tribunals have taken confidential therapist’s records, handed to them by the Petitioner, and used them against the Respondent.


We also have evidence that includes intimidation and humiliations of Respondents by local tribunals. Respondents caring for a child dying of cancer have been mandated to finish their Questionnaire material within a short space of time or suffer the loss of validity of their marriage sacrament.


Several Respondents have learned they had cancer DURING the annulment process, and the local tribunal made no change or exception in their timeline policies.


We have material related to the interference by a tribunal in a civil law case.


We also have statements written by concerned canon lawyers stating that ‘Tribunal personnel who are negative to Respondents, open the Tribunal to civil lawsuits’.


If you have experienced any negative words or actions from someone in a tribunal, we would appreciate knowing those details.


If you are a lawyer or know one, with an interest in pursuing this topic, we would welcome hearing from you.


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