Save Our Sacrament - Respondents Guide To Catholic Annulments

Respondent's Guide to Catholic Annulments


Third Edition, by Carole R. Bishop.


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This unique publication is designed to help Respondents respond effectively and assertively in response to annulment petitions filed by their former spouses, by providing Respondents with an understanding of the annulment process conducted by the tribunals of the Catholic Church.


If you are just at the beginning of an annulment case, the first section of the Guide is for you.


If you are beginning the Appeal phase, the second section (and perhaps the first) is what you need. If you are a Respondent and lost the annulment case but wish to re-apply in order to reopen the case, then the third section will help you, along with the first two sections. These three sections also offer step-by-step advice on how to complete the requisite paperwork.


The Guide has five appendices:

Appendix A is a "Flow Chart" depicting the divergent paths that cases may take through the tribunals' maze.

Appendix B is a short list of books that we at SOS found very helpful.

Appendix C provides a brief introduction to the Code of Canon Law book use by all tribunals.

Appendix D provides the citations of most of the canon laws cited in the text.

Appendix E contains a glossary for easy reference of many unfamiliar terms.


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