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About SOS


SOS offers Respondents:


1. Advice and support via email

2. Information for dealing with:

    • the tribunal for the first time
    • the ongoing process of annulment
    • moving forward with an Appeal to the Rota
    • reopening a disappointing annulment decision which you thought was 'finalized' (see 'Res Judicata' on our "Resources" page).

3. Factual information not easily obtained from the tribunals


We provide advice and support to all who are interested, not just Catholics; other denominations are most welcome as well as those of both progressive and traditional viewpoints.


Respondents who contact SOS reside in both U.S. states and many countries. SOS is an incorporated, non-profit organization and therefore donations are tax-deductible. We do not charge for our services, but donations are always welcome to support our work. Your support will be appreciated!


Experienced SOS Respondents who have successfully validated our sacrament, are available to share our own experiences about topics such as 'what you can expect during the next months', their own experiences with the local area tribunals, etc. These former SOS Respondents help the primary SOS advisors, as the Respondent works through the "First Court" phase of annulment.


The following U.S. states & countries have a designated SOS Rep:

Massachusetts, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, California, Virginia, Ireland, & Canada. More State Reps will be added soon.


SOS was incorporated in 1999 when our Board of Directors was formed. Board members meet three days each year, researching information for our SOS work, updating the website, writing letters to the Pope, and articles for news magazines.


We have several volunteer openings for those who may wish to assist us in our work with Respondents. If you are interested in helping SOS, please let us know via our Contact Us page.


SOS is a 501C3 nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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