Save Our Sacrament - Children Hurt By The Annulment Process

For Children hurt by the Annulment Process


Six Questions for a daughter or son who has experienced annulment in the family


To Young Adults or children impacted by annulment: if your parents went through an annulment experience we would appreciate hearing from you. Too often the U.S. Roman Catholic tribunals dismiss the fact that children in annulment families are terribly impacted, even devastated by this cruel process.


If that is your experience, we here at SOS: RoA&RS would like to hear from you. You may wish to respond to this questionnaire. We are writing articles at the current time, and would like to insert personal experiences of annulment, anonymously. SOS will always protect your confidentiality.


As you may know, the daughter or son of an 'annulled marriage' is being told by the Catholic Church hierarchy that their parents' marriage was not what the children grew up to believe it was.


The annulment mandate in fact tells children / young adults of annulled marriages that the Catholic Church hierarchy has decided that God's divine grace and sacrament was not a part of in their parent's marriage ceremony; that the marriage was never a sanctified union. The tribunals of the Church attempt to say that children of annulled marriage were never in a spiritually graced family. In other words, they say that the Church speaks for God and God's never blest the marriage.

This is devastating to many children of annulled marriages, who wonder what kind of a God would think that way!


SOS: RoA&RS believes, and works from the belief, that while individuals in every marriage have made mistakes this does not mean that God's sacramental grace was not present in the marriage that gave life to them.


In the service of reaching out to other children and young adults who are experiencing the emotionally devastating effects of annulment, SOS: RoA&RS asks you, as a daughter or son who has experienced annulment in your family, to tell us about your insights and experiences regarding the impact and the consequences in your life both emotionally and religiously.


Please respond to the following questions and email or mail your responses to SOS: RoA&RS at the "Contact Us" page on this website.


Choose Any or All of the following Questions


Please tell us about


  1. Your relationship with each parent prior to the annulment and after the annulment
  2. The impact you observed on your Respondent-parent after the annulment was mandated by the Catholic Tribunal, as contrasted with your observations of that parent prior to the annulment
  3. What you observed in the Petitioner-parent prior to and after the annulment
  4. Have your thoughts / feelings about marriage, now and in the future, changed from what they were before the annulment?
  5. Have your feelings about the Catholic Church changed in any way from what they were before the annulment?
  6. Anything else you would like to share


Please send your response to us via the Contact Us page on this site.


We look forward to receiving your response, and deeply appreciate your help with these questions.

Blessings to you from SOS: RoA&RS.

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